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Our vision is to make battery production sustainable.

Why does it matter?

The trend toward electrically powered mobility has just begun and demand for battery production capacity for high quality cells is surging in an unprecedented scale – alone in the EU 35 new plants are planned to come on-line by 2030, while globally capacity will 5X in the same time.


Battery cell finishing is the last of the three main steps of battery production after electrode production and cell assembly. Currently it takes up to two weeks, has up to 20% scrap rate, uses 30% of the overall energy needed producing the battery cell and yet produces very little data that can be used for process improvement.

It is a major bottleneck in battery production today.

What we do

Our vision is to drastically improve the capability of the cell finishing process by improving the measurement capabilities, the efficiency, and the process control capabilities. Broadly speaking, we want to make the cell finishing intelligent via:

  • Innovative smart sensoring
  • Continuous data analytics
  • Individualized process control


  • reduces process time from up to 2 weeks to approx. 48 hours
  • improves cell quality and minimizes scrap rate
  • accelerate the ramp up of new chemistries
  • enables manufacturers to tailor cells to customer needs

About us

We are not dreamers or idealists, nor have we just finished university.

We are a team of seasoned industry experts with relevant scientific education and jointly more than 30 years of experience when it comes to batteries.

We are based in beautiful Saxony in Germany.

Paul Büschel

15+ yrs. battery experience

Hardware lead engineer for cell finishing equipment at Thyssen Krupp Automation Engineering

PhD in electrical engineering focusing on Li-Ion battery diagnosis

Thomas Günther

15+ yrs. battery experience

Software lead engineer for cell finishing equipment at Thyssen Krupp Automation Engineering

Roger Dorsch

20+ yrs. experience in finance & operations, M&A/PE and strategy

CFO Mars Central Europe